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1 How long does the jump start training take?

The jump start training can be completed within hours. For those interested in learning more there are additional resources available.

2 Do I need sales experience to be successful in this program?

Sales experience can be helpful. However, our program is designed for those who are good at networking and making relationships.

3 Will I be ready to sign up businesses after this training?

Yes, absolutely! We designed this program to reduce the steps and paperwork required to sign a new business up for services. The program has 7 steps from start to finish. The steps are easy and straight forward. You do not need a special degree to get this program. We simplified the sales process from the first meeting to equipment installation.

4 Is this a 1099 position?

Yes, this is your own business.

5 I finished the training now what?

Congratulations! Now you will be assigned an executive member. They will reach out to you via the email you enrolled with to setup a kickoff call. At this time, you can ask any questions you need. The executive member will go over the 7 steps, introduce you to the team and get you access to our private Facebook group!

6 Is there additional training available?

Yes, we provide all team members with a weekly training on our Lunch and Learn program. In addition we have more training available on our online training program. We also have an annual Sales Summit Conference. We invite all team members to this event. It is packed full of training and product demonstrations. It’s a great time to collaborate with other agents!

7 What is Impact Apprentice?

Impact Apprentice is a learning program for the payment industry. This program is not just designed to teach you the ins and outs of payment processing but also how to achieve your sales goals. This program also allows you to grow from a sales agent into your own ISO office.

8 What does an Impact Apprentice Partner do?

Our partners are building business each month by adding new customers. Our program teaches each partner how to prospect, quote, close and implement customers.

9 What does the work look like?

The work that is required to obtain new customers and build your business is very flexible. Our learning programs were designed to be done on your own time when it's convenient. Most of our partners spend 2-3 days a week devoted to building their book of business.

10 How do I become my own boss?

All partners are their own boss! No time clock or quotas to maintain. This program allows you to build your book of business as you see fit. We offer guidance and coaching that will assist in meeting your goals. At some point you may decide to hire sales agents to work for you!

11 How do I get paid?

You get paid every month for the previous month's processing for each of your customers. This residual payment is made every month the customer is with us. These residuals begin to add up fast once you begin signing customers.

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