What Managing Partners are Saying

When I first heard about Impact Pay Systems I was intrigued.  I decided to login to some of the training sessions and signed right up!  The weekly lunch and learns are very informative along with the Friday morning recognition conference calls.  Keeps you up to date on who's excelling and it's very motivational.

Not only are they available through email and phone calls .. If you reach out and ask .. they will meet you out in the market and help you with sales calls.  Definitely a family oriented business! Dee, Emily and Morgan have always been there for me when I have had any questions and that means a lot!

Of course the monthly residuals are what you're after and if you get out and apply yourself you can build up to your goals!  You get out of it what you are willing to put into it.  It was a little scary at first going into the different businesses but once you get a few under your belt it's simply building a network of friends!  With a great network of friends standing behind you!

Molli Swinderski
Managing Partners

I just want to share a little bit about my “journey” with Impact Payment Partners that began in April 2019. I am guessing that almost anyone that reads this will share a little bit in common with me. You are probably a bit skeptical and/or as curious as I was. Without boring you with too many details, I want to say that the core group of people with this company was able to grab my attention for just long enough to assure me that my curiosity was too weak to pass on what did truly come across as a legitimate opportunity.What I learned in just a few hours was that their plan had been well laid out, that alone assured me that I did not have to lose or to invest except a willingness to learn (and a little bit of patience to give this a fair chance). “Spoiler alert” – I earned my first residual check for my first account within the first 30 days of this adventure.

They promised first and foremost transparency/honesty and all the basic education w/continued training needed to be successful. They promised me that I did not need to know everything or become an expert in the field. They promised me a team of qualified help to step in whenever it was needed. They promised me if I was patient and willing, I could make as much of a residual income as I wanted to. They have come through on every one of those promises! What has also come along with those promises are relationships and memories that I know I will treasure forever. We work together as a team – not only with the actual employees of IPP but with other MP’s like me. I think I can say that we are all more than willing to share experiences & ideas to help you grow your own list of merchant accounts. There is more than enough business to go around – you simply must go out and ask for it. Here I am 28 months later and still as just excited about what I do.

Finally – FUN! Really it is! Great incentives along with great offers of fabulous trips and best of all - a monthly bank deposit.

Tricia Wright
Managing Partners
First off, I must say that choosing an ISO partner is the most important decision you make when entering into the payments world. We have had a few relationships before getting connected with the Impact team. We have high expectations for communication, problem solving, and servicing of our clients with clarity…we’re very picky! Our vision as a company is to do what’s right for our clients. This is something that is echoed by Impact! Our relationship with Impact stands out from the pack because we have been so impressed! The attention to detail, the quick responses, the confirmation of proper answers before sharing…all these little things help us confidently move forward with our clients. Aside from that, they are a super friendly group of people! This is the type of partnership that makes the difference! If you’re looking for the right team to help your business grow, I suggest checking out Impact.
Anna Bourgeois

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