Congratulations! You have finished the online application and interview, you are now an Agent Partner! Now it’s time to train.


Getting Ready for Training

The Impact team evaluates each application and once you’re approved to be a Agent Partner you will receive your login to our online training.

Your next step is to prepare you to get the most out of training so you can hit the ground running. Your training sessions are designed to introduce you to the ins and outs of working with Impact.

New sales partners can do their online training on their time. It normally takes 2-3 hours to finish all the training modules. Our team has designed a program that is easy to follow and tests you on the important details. Getting you industry knowledge and a 7 step process to start building your residual income.

What To Expect

Here’s what you can expect over the next few weeks:

  • You’ll attend your training course and complete the assigned tasks.
  • You can pause your training and continue at any time.
  • Expect to spend 2-3 hours to complete initial training.

Ready to become your own boss?

Please submit your application with Impact PaySystem!